• Ask about pricing. Feel free to haggle, barter, etc.
Pricing depends on how well what you want lines up with what I’m interested in drawing but I can pretty certainly say that nothing will be over 50USD (or your country’s equivalent)
  • Accepting payment in the form of money, art, and/or other goods and services.
I can only accept cash payments over paypal. If you do decide to pay with cash, I will privately provide my email address to you for payment. If you decide to pay with goods, I can privately provide my mailing address. If you decide to pay in pizza/food delivery, let me know beforehand so I can be there to get it. If you want to pay in things that might not be legal to ship/consume we’ll talk. B^)
  • Do’s/Don’ts - Just ask!

I’ll do almost anything. If you’re not sure, just ask. I like nsfw and Weird Shit, but I get a little nervous about backgrounds and hard metal things but still feel free to ask! Hey, also ask about animations! I do those, too. Simple little ones. :^)

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part 4- The rickening

Morty lowered his glance, noticing that not only his grandfather was lacking pants, but he was... excited. "W-w-wow jeez, uh, oh man, rick, uh... b-bad time, I guess!" He turns to leave, but knows his grandpa isn't going to let him.

part 1

Justin Roiland looked at his stuffed Morty plush fondly. Making sure his lover Dan Harmon wasn't around, he locked the door to his room and picked up the Morty. "It's working, Mharti, it's working," he said as he lowered the plush to his dong.
Morty grunted awake, smacking face first between his grandfathers asscheeks. "R-RICK WHAT THE HELL?!" "Lic-URRP-Lick my balls Morty. Do it for grandpa."
"M-Morty, li*buurrrrp*lick my balls Morty," muttered Rick. "D-d-do we have to time travel again?" "No Morty! It... it just feels so good."

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part 3