Worshipping you and this blog forever 100 years this blog i shall worship


im gonna smooch your face holy shit

gonna write it like i’m a poet in one of those ska clubs because i watched bullshit earlier, the episode about the good old days lmao

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all fics so far are character/female reader. also no needful/you fics which is a major drag.

if i were remotely good at writing

actually you know what i could try it while im not lucid lmao. you guys are gonna love my shitty ass wrigintg and poor characterizations

future me can regret my blog. right now it’s time to party


yo dude every rick or morty/you fanart/fic out there is rick or morty/a lady with ladybits, which is hella dont get me wrong but we need some more gender neutral jazz up in this fandom. some of us dudes wanna bone foxy grandpa too, you know

i was legit actually considering making a male ver of that pic but i dont have good refs (wink)

gender neutral would b pretty rad too but idk how i’d manage that b/c ??? it’d have to be more creative than me to hide The Genitals and make it y’know not obvs one gender or the other

are there really not any rick/male reader fics???? wth those are my fav

To all the lady freaks in the crowd. This one goes out to you xoxo

me when Shade

me when Shade

can you draw rick on top of needful but needful is looking away because hes shy/ embarrassed or whatever



bro. dude. bro. bruh. bro. draw rick. and lucifer. and doofus rick. id do it myself but im bout to kick the hay. pls bro. bruh. imagine. douchebag sandwich. bRO.

i dont think you understand just how behind this i am



best ship what ever done come outta this fandom

You can't say no to Shade have a margarita can you?

That’s it. That’s my weakness



somebody. somebody tell me to draw somethin

you guys are terrible at this. here, i’ll just draw more lucy

for Rick x Morty anon

a scene from the writing of myfav blog