dedicated to my absolute fav artist on the internet. hands down

hell yeah brother

yes, but

i went on iscribble and copied styles

still pestering people on tegaki messenger

i need more people to torment with old man cock. get tegaki messenger and give me ur # pls

i did a style mem

Nice, another goddamn rick around here. You have some nice hair. Is that loreal? -49CKappa
draw master-rick-sanchez

not until jenny draws him in the fallout peacock/gigolo armor

Do you have any tips on how to get rid of art block? Since you're a great artist I wanted to ask you.

Ride it out until your fickle muse relents

Uhhh but i guess other people might be different so uh, try and find something that excites you? Maybe join a new fandom, brainstorm some ocs, go on deviantart and pick out the worst thing on the front page and redraw it and send that person your ‘fan art’

For me it’s mostly evaluating why i have art block re: what’s happenin in my life and trying to fix that

We all get stale sometimes